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We have had painters doing our painting and decorating requirements for the past 30 years. New house builds, renovations, both residential and commercial, re-paints inside and out and water blasting required. Interiors, exteriors, rooftop, and concrete floor preparation and painting, over the years they have taken on all of these tasks with a will.

Grant brings a professional attitude along with a smile and his team is friendly, totally honest, and trustworthy.

Wayne Sullivan
Panelab Ltd
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Grant Lendich Painter Ltd has been our regular painting contractor for 15 years. They have provided hih quality workmanship in the following areas:

– New Commercial buildings
– Office and retail fit-outs
– Residential new and alterations
– Industrial works e.g. external rust/surface treatment to external steelworks and cladding
– Repairs and maintenance works

Grant Lendich Painters have staff that are long-term employees who show high regard for other trades and have a strong Healthy and Safety culture.
We highly recommend this company for all disciplines of the painting trade.

Martin Gunman
Construction by Design
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We, both as a business and for myself privately, have used Grand Lendich Painters for over 8 years. Grant and all of his employees have provided a service of extremely high quality. We find Grant and all of his staff to be the most helpful and knowledgeable. All projects are always completed to a high standard; the work is done very efficiently and all sites are left clean and tidy.

One area that Grant excels at is his ability to advise on colour selection; his suggestions have generally been what we have chosen and we have always been happy with the results. We would recommend Grant Lendich Painters at all times and will be using him for any painting projects that we have.

Ross McKoy
Managing Director
Electrical Systems
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Larry McWalter
Larry McWalter

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